2016 Structural Engineering Technical Seminar in Singapore
26th of October, 2016. 2:00pm ~ 5:30pm
The most important and most frequently encountered combination of construction materials is that of steel and concrete, with applications in multi-storey commercial buildings and factories. These materials can be used in mixed structural systems, for example concrete cores encircled by steel tubes, as well as in composite structures where members consisting of steel and concrete act together compositely.
These essentially different materials are completely compatible and complementary to each other; they have almost the same thermal expansion; an ideal combination of strengths with the concrete efficient in compression and the steel in tension; concrete also gives corrosion protection and thermal insulation to the steel at elevated temperatures and additionally can restrain slender steel sections from local or lateral torsional buckling.
In order to share the design methodology of composite members with Singapore engineers, presentations have been prepared and have been scheduled to present in the seminar.
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