[MIDAS] midas Gen 2017 – Introduction to Structural Engineers in Davao City
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Thank you for taking your time to submit the information required. Please submit ALL of the information required below, so we can identify who you are and what license is being used. That way, our technical staff will be able to assist you in a more efficient and seamless way. We kindly ask that you wait for our confirmation e-mail and send us your model files or snap shot IF there is a requirement.
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For installation our license verification related issues, please be sure to view our videos in regards to technical assistance regarding the registration of web licenses.
To view the videos related ‘how to register web licenses’ click on the MIDAS Link below
Website: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9BcbyA3Nm1BbUzDjyusyEDUca0YAIylU
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